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Yarn shopping/hoarding and the joy of knitting

May 14, 2014 by sigrid


Have you ever told yourself “I have enough yarn at home. I don’t need these extra skeins.”? Well, I have not. I keep using my stash yarn, but I also keep adding more. It is some kind of stash circle of life…. or something. I went to my LYS, just to get some yarn for a gauge swatch. But 20 minutes later I am outside, plastic bag in hand and my wallet 700 kroner (120 $) lighter. What just happend? Yarn happened. And the tantalizing allure of the yarn shop happend.

But I find it impossible to regret my tendency towards yarn hoarding. The amazing thing about yarn and knitting (and other yarn based crafts) is that there is so much good to be gained from just… well… yarn. With just a skein and some needles my hands are busy for hours. I find myself marveling again and again of how much I gain from my knitting. Yes, I produce garments, but I also apply my brain, my logic and mathematical skills and even my common sense now and again. Thru knitting I have an outlet for my creativity and my need to craft something beautiful. But I also get to show the people I love just how dear they are to me by gifting them with warm and cozy garments I have spent time and money making just for them. And this is maybe the aspect of knitting I love the most. I have always enjoyed giving away the things I make. Of course I also knit for myself,  but more often I make things for my family and friends. I think the point I am trying to make is that there are few things in life that gives me as much joy as my knitting. And of course that yarn is the root of all that is good, warm, fuzzy and wooly .

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