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Vintage bags and suitcases

October 6, 2014 by sigrid

I must confess I am a “gatherer”, and that just not only apply when it comes to yarn. I also gather old things. Not just any old object of course. I truly love everything vintage that has to do with knitting, yarn and sewing. But I also have a weak spot when it comes to bags and suitcases, and tin cans, boxes… and things you can store other things in. Like this old sewing basket that used to belong to my great grandmother.


On the inside it is lined with blue silk. I when I was young, I used to pretend it was a swimming pool for my Barbie dolls. And when it not served as a pool, it kept all my Barbies clothes. It is amazing the whole thing has not just fallen apart.

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted a new purse, and not any purse would do, because I wanted something that looked like an old doctors bag. I used a lot of time online trying to find the perfect bag. And in the end I did find one, in an Etsy store.



I used this bag all the time, until it eventually broke apart. But it truly was lovely.



I can not remember if this used  to belong to my mother in law, or if she once told me she used to have one just like it. But if it is her old suitcase, than I am honoured she entrusted it to me. It is in ok shape, but I am planning on ripping out the lining to replace it with some cotton fabric that will endure some more wear and tear.

IMGP1879This bag has taken on a role I never intended for it when I bought it. Once a month I arrange story time at the library where I work, where the kindergartens situated near by attend. When I read for the children I often bring different notions to help them keep focus and make the stories more interesting. And this is the bag where I keep these notions. So, it has become my “Story time bag”.



This is my newest edition, bought just a couple of day ago,  and it has already served as a overnight suitcase. It was impossible for me to walk past it, it had to accompany me home. If I ever get a laptop, this will surely be my laptop bag. It is a bit big, but it has straps on the inside which can be used to secure a computer I think.

I really enjoy buying second-hand items, mostly because of the environmental aspects. But also because a lot of old stuff is made to be used and worn. Lot of the things you can buy to day is not meant to last for more than maybe a year or two. That includes for example clothes and kitchen supplies. And then you are supposed to buy new things. Always buy buy buy. I don’t mean to judge anyone. I buy new stuff like anyone else, but I would like the things I buy to last. And of course a bag you buy from a second-hand or vintage shop might last even shorter than a new bag. But in general, things used to be made to last longer than they do today.

And the sentimental person that I am love the fact that second-hand and vintage things have a story. Some one have loved or hated this object. My suitcase might have belonged to a young girl that used it for when she visited her grandparents in the summer. Or maybe she used to store her dolls in it. Who knows?


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