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  1. Don’t shed tears over frustrating UFOs!

    March 30, 2014 by sigrid

    IMG_0915   This is most of my UFOs. The last six months or so, I have tried to finish a lot of the big heap of UFOs that some how seemed to grow bigger and bigger. I love to start new projects, but have a tendency not to finish all of them. Stupid, yes I know. Instead of putting a project down when I get bored with it, or come across a problem I don’t have the patient to deal with, I should just keep on going and cherish the feeling of finishing a garment. But now I am proud to say that the number of unfinished projects have decreased some.  The “Autumn sweater” or the Herringbone Jumper I wrote about in an earlier blog post, is one of the projects that used to be a part of the UFO pile. (more…)