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  1. Lever knitting

    May 25, 2014 by sigrid

    Some years ago I found I had a big problem. My arms kept hurting whenever I knitted. The muscle right under my elbow on my right arm was big as a tennis ball, and it had a similar feel to it when I touched it too. Not good. Huge problem for a dedicated knitter. One of my friends (also a knitter) deviced me to stop knitting for a couple of months. But in my book, that was NOT a solution. I am addicted to knitting, and had no intention of going cold turkey. Instead I started some research for a more ergonomical knitting technique. At the time I had knitted continental for nearly twenty years, but I was well aware that other techniques existed. My first stop was the English style. But I quickly found it to be to slow and inconvenient (sorry to all who love to knit in English style, but that is how I felt). So my search went on, and I discovered the Peruvian knitting style. I found a good tutorial video and started to learn.