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  1. The summer holiday

    July 26, 2015 by sigrid


    My summer holiday is almost over, and it is back to work on Monday. For the first time ever, I treated myself to four weeks off. Three of which I spent at home. It has been an extremely relaxing  holiday. The only thing I have been missing is swimming in the lake. We have had a lot of sunny days, but it has not been warm enough this summer to heat the lake sufficiently. The water holds about 14 degrees celsius, and that is not warm enough for me to put on my bikini.


    I also went to Denmark with my sister, her husband and my niece. (The water was too cold for swimming there as well.) We lived in a summer house we used to stay in almost every summer when we (me and my sister) was younger. It is a beautiful place close to the ocean, but it also has a lot of other things to offer. As I discovered this year, there are a lot of nice paths in the forest near by, so I did get a couple of nice walks. We also discovered a nearby animal farm, and my 2 year old niece loved it there.


    (She gave all the animals a treat. Everyone likes carrot sticks!)

    A lot of places my sister and me remembered from our childhood was unfortunately closed down or had expanded their business and did not have time for visiting tourist anymore. There was particularly one place  we wanted to go. A small “bolsje” factory. “Bolsje” is the danish word for hard candy. It was this really small factory where you could watch while they made the candy, with no use of machines. This used to be one of the main events for us kids during our visits to Denmark. So, this time we had to go to another factory, but it was not the same. The hard candy is still delicious, and with a lot of different flavors, but we wanted to see them make them in that old traditionally way.

    We also went to LEGO-land one day. When I told people we were going to LEGO-land during our stay in Denmark, they usually replied “Oh, yes, because of your niece”. And I always answered “No, because of my brother-in-law”. I think he was the one that looked forward to visiting the park most. But we all had a great time, going on rides and playing with LEGO. The miniature cities they have build is amazingly detailed, and so was the LEGO – Star Wars – exhibition. All those planning, building time and LEGO pieces!


     Well, that was enough about Denmark. I did have a very nice time, but it was only one of my four week holiday. The rest of the time I knitted, read books, started a jigsaw puzzle with 4000 pieces and spend time with my friends and family. Oh, and celebrated me turning 30 years old.


    (She is definitely not helping.)


    (Relaxing with coffee and knitting on the veranda.)


    (Amazing cake at “Skafferiet”, a small cafe at a big farm.I love the fact that they tend to use locally grown products in their food.)