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  1. Look what I made!

    June 9, 2015 by sigrid


    Ten years ago I attended a private school for one year, because they had sewing classes and I wanted to learn how to sew. And since then I have in periodes, on and off, cleaned the dust of my sewing machine. This time because I wanted to make something for a small boy turning 1 year this weekend. There is a lot of things you can give a 1 year old for his birthday, but I am a big fan opp homemade gifts. And I also wanted to make something he can enjoy for some time. So I decided to make something for his room. After some minutes on Pintrest, I decided on making a bunting.


  2. Knitted pouf. Part 1

    February 13, 2014 by sigrid

    For some time now I have dreamed about making a pouf out of knitted fabric. And finally I have started the project. I searched the internet (mainly ravelry and pinterest) for a free pattern that will fit the mental picture I have of this project. I ended up with this:



    It is the “Puff Daddy” pattern by Christien Meinderstsma, and is found on the Pickles homepage. The pouf is knitted on US #15/ 10 mm needles, but I think I am going to look for bigger needles. Since the pouf is to be knitted with fabric, I think maby US # 19/ 15 mm needles would be better.

    I went through my fabric stash the other day to find a fabric I wanted to use. First of all I needed a fabric I have plenty of, and that easily match other fabrics in case I don’t have enough. I ended up with a black and white fabric I bought at IKEA many years ago. It was used as curtains in our first apartment, so it also have a sentimental value. But since the fabric is currently “curtanised”, there is some work to be done before I can actually start knitting. First I need to pick out all the seams, and cut the fabric into strips. I already started this tedious work.

    photo 1


    To be continued…