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  1. My sweet little kitty

    April 8, 2014 by sigrid


    I usually write a blog post every weekend, and am sorry to have failed to deliver last week. But friday afternoon my life was struck by a sudden and very sad happening. Or, rather, the youngest of my two cats was hit by a car and died. We`we had her for roughly eight year, since the day she was born. Our other cat is the mother. I still expect to see her every morning when I wake up, or hear her mewing. And I guess that feeling will linger for a long time yet.

    We buried her under one of the apple trees in the garden, tucked in her favorite blanket. I have lost pets before, but never this sudden. It is amazing how much I loved my little (well… not that little) fur ball.

    My next blog post will be much less sad, and contain knitting. I promise.