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  1. The book of knitting.

    August 23, 2014 by sigrid

    It have now been more than 20 years since I learned how to knit. And I can barely remember my first knitting experience. I was 5 years old, sitting in my grandparents living room, while my grandmother showed me how to knit garter stitches. My first knitted square was knitted in a white wool yarn, left over from a pair of socks she had made. But it do not remember if I thought it was hard or not to learn.

    As you know, if you have read my blog, is that a couple of years ago I switched my knitting technique from continental to lever knitting. In other words, I had to relearn how to knit. A experience I am glad I encountered. Because since it is such a long time ago I learned how to knit, for the first time, it would have been hard to relate to struggling knitting beginners.

    I like to view the evolvement of my knitting as a book:


  2. Blue wave

    March 23, 2014 by sigrid

    Skjerf_bluewave   This is my new design, the “Blue Wave”.  It is a easy to knit scarf, perfect as a first-time cable project. If you choose to make this pattern, I will recommend making the cables with the help of a cable needle. I tried knitting the cables  without a cable needle ,which is absolutely possible because of the thick yarn used in this project, but is not recommended when you are knitting cables with a high amount of stitches. (more…)