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July 25, 2014 by sigrid

I was suddenly shocked to see that I had not written a post for almost a full month. That was never my intention, but here we are again. Lately I have been busy enjoying my summer holiday. The weather has been unusually hot. I can not remember the last time we had above 30 degrees Celsius in this part of Norway. I feel like a lizard these days, creeping from shadow to shadow. The heat knocks me completely of  my feet, and I don’t have the energy to do anything. Well, that is not completely true. I have been doing some things the last few weeks.


I had a really nice trip to Bergen a couple of weeks ago. The reason I went was to visit a friend, but also to help my sister move into a new apartment. I went there by train, but on the way home I joined my parents and sister in their car. The drive home was was a long but beautiful one.



And we got to stop at Dale yarn company. I have never been there before, and was glad we got the chance to visit.



Because of the heat, I have not been knitting that much, but i did start a pair of socks. They are knitted using the beautiful Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel-Wolle. I bought the yarn this spring when I went to Copenhagen, but I have not started any projects with it before now. But I think I am in love. The colors are amazing, and the yarn is truly made for sock knitting.


This week I went to Oslo with my sisters. We had a really good time shopping and eating ice cream in a park.


I was beyond happy when I discovered the Pickles yarn store, and of course ended up buying both yarn and a book. What I am planning to make with this newly bought yarn? No idea. And my stash keeps growing…


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