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Small sweater in alpaca

May 25, 2015 by sigrid

My recent UFO is sweater for myself. A lovely pattern by Rauma. But it is kind of boring to knit. The whole sweater is knitted in ribbing pattern. So, I needed a small break from this. And decided to find yarn in my stash to make something for my niece. In the book “Barnestrikk fra mørkeloftet” by Evelyn Sævik (don`t think it is translated in to english yet) I found a sweater I really liked. All the patterns in this book is modeled after patterns from the 70ties. This one is named “The cute sweater” (Søt genser). A fitting name in my opinion.

 ab6cc17fff78eb2f9eaac7a65ca12387  (picture from the book)

The sweater is knitted in alpaca, and luckily I had some blue and yellow alpaca leftovers. The blue is Du store alpakka – Tynn alpakka, and the yellow one DROPS Alpaca from Garnstudio. But I the two different yarns worked really well together.


I think it was the front pocket that made me fall for this pattern immediately. Also the  buttons at the neck makes it easy to put on and take of. My niece is 2 years old, but I made this sweater a bit big. So hopefully she will still be able to wear it in the autumn. The yellow is knitted on needle size, 2,5mm and the blue on 3,0mm. On this project I never even tried to check gauge, I just started knitting size 4 years, and assumed it would fit at some point. I knew that my yarn was a bit thinner than the yarn used in the pattern. And as it turned out, she can even use it now!


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