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Sheep and bunny blanket

March 13, 2014 by sigrid

Yesterday, I published my first pattern for sale. It is very exciting, and a little bit scary. The pattern is called “Sheep and bunny blanket”, and can be found/bought on Ravelry.

© sigridknits

© sigridknits

I started this project when a friend of mine told me she was pregnant, and the first thing I thought of was what to make for the baby. I assume this is natural for all hard core knitters? The baby is due in the beginning of June, so I soon rejected the idea of a sweater, pants or a hat. Also the mother had already started to knit a onesies (a warm suit), and there is a limit to how many onesies you need during your first six months of your life. So my decision landed on a blanket. And then the hunt for the perfect baby blanket started. And did I find it? No, I did not. Did I use hours upon hours looking for a pattern. No, I have to admit I did not. Instead I started imaging in my head what I thought would be the perfect blanket for this baby. And the “Sheep and bunny blanket” is the outcome. It is a fairly simple to knit, and the sheep and bunny patterns are easy to remember.

I knitted this using Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Superwash, and was very pleased with how easy and soft it was to knit with. And since this is a blanket for a baby, it thought it crucial to use superwash. I am told that babies occasionally can  be a bit messy, and it is only considerate to the mother to use a washable material. If you ask me, this should include all baby-related projects. But that is a discussion for an other time.

Since this is a stroller-kind of blanket, I choose to add a lining on the back using overcast stitches. You will find a good tutorial for overcast stitches here. Adding a lining will keep the baby from getting fingers and toes tangled up in the threads on the back of the blanket.

I wrote two versions of the pattern. One in english and one in norwegian (since it is afterall my native language). Both can be found on Ravelry. (If you are not already a Ravelry member, I highly recommend joining this crochet and knitting community.)


(PS: the toddler on the photo is my niece, and not my friends baby)


  1. Liz says:

    Wow, that is incredible. Great job!

  2. […] In each of the four corners, and the places on each side of the canvas where the two fabrics met I fastened the fabric extra with some small stitches. (The purple jersey fabric are leftovers from the lining on the “Sheep and bunny blanket”) […]

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