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August 13, 2014 by sigrid

Some years ago I inherited a knitting machine from one of my mothers friends. The friend was moving from a big house, where she had lived with her husband and five children for many years, to a small apartment by herself. And needless to say, there was a lot of things she did not want, need or had room for. One of those things was an old Brother knitting machine. Lucky for me, my mother, who was helping her friend move, asked if I wanted it. If I said no they were going to  throw it away, so I had no choice. And just like that I was the owner of a knitting machine. At that time I had never used a knitting machine in my life, and frankly I did not quite see the use for one. Except, of course, for big scale manufacturing.


The only problem, it turned out, was that they had not found the instruction manual for the machine. So for a long time it just gathered dust in my attic. But then, some months ago, my aunt gave me the manual. She had borrowed the machine many years ago, but forgot to return the manual. But still, I did not try out the machine. Why? Maybe because I have always considered it, as earlier mentioned, unnecessary. But I have also thought of it as cheating. I know it sound ridiculous, but in my mind a knitting machine was a lazy mans/womans tool.

But last weekend I decided to give it a try. I had discovered some videos on youtube that showed how to assemble and start using a Brother knitting machine. And I really enjoyed learning how to use it I now better understand the use for as well as why people use these machine. Working with a knitting machine is, to me, a whole different craft than handknitting. It will never replace handknitting and the place the craft holed in my heart, but I definitely keep my Brother.


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