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My autumn sweater

January 26, 2014 by sigrid

This autumn I tried to finish a few UFO`s. And I did in fact manage to finish some of them. One of the projects in my “to finish later” pile was the Herringbone Jumper by Johansen. I bought the pattern and yarn in September 2012, and started the sweater soon after. But for reasons unknown I did not complete it back then. Now however, it is  done!  The only problem with it is the size. I have gained some weight since I started the project (nearly 1 ,5 year ago), so it is a bit small. Especially the upper part of the arms. A fact, I admit,  that puzzles me a bit. I thought the sweater would be maybe a little short, or maybe tight around my middle. Well, I might just have had knitted with a slightly different gauge, than on the rest of the sweater. But all in all, I think it turned out quite beautiful. IMG_0840


For this project I used Sirri Sirritógv Colour. I have never used this yarn before, and it was fun to try out a new brand. It was a bit rough on the hands, and I will definitely be wearing a t-shirt under the sweater. But I really loved the colors, and I also did not mind the roughness of it. The yarn is actually from the Faroaoe Islands, witch I think is quite fascinating. I did not even know there lived people on those Islands. But not only does people live there, they also produce wool apparently. If you are curious about the yarn, you should visit Sirris website.  I bought the yarn at MorGrethe, one of my LYS, and will probably be buying the yarn again at some point. It also smelled good, with a hint of sheep. (Yes, I am a yarn sniffer.)


The pattern I bought was written in danish, but you can find the english translation on The Island Wool Companies webpage. It was fast to knit, but then again, projects knitted on 7mm needles usually are.


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