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June 9, 2015 by sigrid


Ten years ago I attended a private school for one year, because they had sewing classes and I wanted to learn how to sew. And since then I have in periodes, on and off, cleaned the dust of my sewing machine. This time because I wanted to make something for a small boy turning 1 year this weekend. There is a lot of things you can give a 1 year old for his birthday, but I am a big fan opp homemade gifts. And I also wanted to make something he can enjoy for some time. So I decided to make something for his room. After some minutes on Pintrest, I decided on making a bunting.

This was a very fun project. It did not demand much skill with the sewing machine, but a whole lot of ironing.



First, i found this template that I printed out which made things so much easier. For this bunting i choose to use four different fabrics. One a plain white cotton, and three with print. I then used the template to make all the triangles i needed.


I know not everyone does this, but I sewed two and two pieces together, so the finished bunting would look the same on both sides.


Then I had to turn every triangle inside out, or rather so the right side was facing out. And then I ironed all of them flat. Then it was time for the last piece of  the puzzle: connecting them all together. For this I made made my own bias strips, from some red fabric I found in my fabric stash, using this little lifesaver:


(If you like to sew and sometimes make your own bias strips, I recommend getting one of these. You just cut the fabric as wide as you want it, and then put one end through this little contraption. Then you pull it out on the thin end, using you iron at the same time to make it flat. Genious!)


And then placed all the triangles side by side in the order I wanted, pinned them down, and sewed one last seam across all of them.

It did take some time to make this, but not more than maybe 4 hours. As mentioned it took a lot of ironing, but then sewing often do. I am very pleased with how this little project turned out. And I hope it will look nice in the birthday boy`s room for years to come.



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