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Knitspiration- a rant ending with socks

March 4, 2014 by sigrid

The sky is grey, and there is a light drizzle outside. Also, it is almost dark. Not exactly the kind of weather that makes you smile, dance and go for a 3 hour walk. The sofa, knitting and a big cup of tea is much more appealing this gloomy afternoon. And that is what I shal do today, but first I have to find a knitting project for my mother. I suddenly realized that this is something I have never done before. Every knitter, I imagine, is sure of what they prefer both in a pattern, yarn and color. But I have never had to pick a project for someone else. Well, I accept the challenge thrown upon me!

First of all the pattern has to be in Norwegian. That limits the choices down a great deal. Even though my main language is norwegian, most of my knitting books are in english. The same goes for most of the pattern found on Ravelry. Also the pattern can not be to difficult, because she is going to a Stitch`n Bitch and wants to be able to talk while she knits. If it was me, I would have picked up some 2,5 mm needles and some sock yarn. But I don’t think she is comfortable with sock knitting. And I know she has made a lot of cowls, so that too is not an option. But what then? Scarf? Wrist warmers? Baby sweater?

And then there is the whole yarn issue. Show me a knitter that will willingly part with any part of his/her stash! I think I might be a “yarn horder”. Just the thought of diving in to the yarn closet and retrieve some of my precious yarn, and give it away to someone else is kind of disturbing. (I might have a some issues, yes I know).  Also the yarn I pick can not be in skeins, because I do not have the time to make it into balls.

I did find a pattern I thought would be perfect for her from this pamphlet:



(The pamphlet is made by norwegian designer Tine Solheim for DaleGarn/Dale of Norway)

But of course I can not find any yarn to match the pattern.  I have looked  through all of my norwegian knitting books, and it seems that almost all of them lack patterns for small projects. They all contains bigger projects like sweaters. And there are a lot of lovely sweater for both women, children and men.  But that does not help me right now! (Sorry, feeling a little bit frustrated at this point.) I think I have to give my mother a lesson in english knitting terms. This has to stop. I have now used almost an hour just to trying to pick out a pattern, needles and yarn, and it is going nowhere. Thats it. I give up. She is knitting socks, either she wants to or not! (No, you do not get a pattern mom, but that does not mean I stoped loving you. And I know you will make beautiful socks. )









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