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March 17, 2014 by sigrid



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In my craft room there are a lot of gauge swatches. Mostly I don’t know where they all are hiding. But now those days are gone! Because last weekend, I made myself what I call my inspiration board. I did not want one of those boring cork boards, so I bought a painting canvas. The idea was to cover it in fabric and hang it on the wall. I don’t quite know where the idea came from, probably Pinterest.



I do have a lot of fabric, and found some leftovers I liked and that look good together. Then I started fastening it to the canvas, with the help of a load of pins. I used some old pins, and a lot of them were already bent. Later I was glad used the old ones, because when I pulled them from the canvas they were even more bent than before.


When it was time to fasten the fabric to the wooden frame of the canvas, I used a staple gun. I could probably used some sort of glue instead, but I thought it faster and more effective to use staples.


In each of the four corners, and the places on each side of the canvas where the two fabrics met I fastened the fabric extra with some small stitches. (The purple jersey fabric are leftovers from the lining on the “Sheep and bunny blanket”)


Since I chose to use two different fabrics to cover the canvas, I needed some sort of way to keep those two together. Again, some glue would probably do the trick, but I wanted something more decorative. I therefore found a really thick needle and some leftover alpaca yarn (from the 50s jumper), and started embroidering. I had to leave 4 cm/1,5″ on each side, because of the wooden frame.  It is important to use a big sturdy needle, because of the really thick canvas which I sewed right thru.


A part of me got really inspired when I started embroidering, so after I had made the horizontal stitch pattern to fasten to two fabrics, I started on making some yellow leaves (or maybe they are tulips?). I made most of the leaves on the white and grey fabric, because the purple jersey was a pain to work on.


When it was time to hang my new inspiration board on the wall, I was glad I had used staples to fasten the fabric to the wooden frame. Now I could just fasten a length of string in a staple on each side of the canvas, and hang it on a nail already in the wall.


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