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Don’t shed tears over frustrating UFOs!

March 30, 2014 by sigrid

IMG_0915   This is most of my UFOs. The last six months or so, I have tried to finish a lot of the big heap of UFOs that some how seemed to grow bigger and bigger. I love to start new projects, but have a tendency not to finish all of them. Stupid, yes I know. Instead of putting a project down when I get bored with it, or come across a problem I don’t have the patient to deal with, I should just keep on going and cherish the feeling of finishing a garment. But now I am proud to say that the number of unfinished projects have decreased some.  The “Autumn sweater” or the Herringbone Jumper I wrote about in an earlier blog post, is one of the projects that used to be a part of the UFO pile.The pile has shrunk some, but there is no reason to stop now. So I have just gone thru this box, just to see what kind of challenges I have made for my self, and to see if I should simply give up some of them.


This was one of the first things I found. And it is almost finished! Why have I not finished these baby short pants???? I only need to block it, sew the picot edgings at the knees and fasten an elastic around the top. It was intended for my niece, but she is much too big now. Well, I have a pregnant friend who is expecting her baby in June. I guess I can manage to finish by then… I am a bit ashamed right now. But it is also quite typical me. I knitted the short pants, and when I was finished with the fun part, I lay them aside for later. Waiting for a time I when I might feel like doing what I consider the boring part. Namly the blocking and sewing part.




This is a pattern called “Cria” by Ysolda. I can not even remember when I started this project, but I guess it was just after I bought her book “Little red in the city”. So…. probably no more than a couple of years ago…. But what I do remember is that I pushed it in the back of my closet, because I was angry. Angry at myself for all the little mistakes I continued making while knitting. I declared this a lost cause, both then and now. I am sure I can put the yarn to good use, together with a different pattern.




Well, this I actually have been knitting on now and then during the winter. It is the Clara Bow-Panel Sweater by Rita Taylor. I think all the ribbing made it a bit boring, but this sweater is so beautiful I have to finish it. It just take some time…


The red you see there is also supposed to be a sweater. Aimee by Kim Hargreaves, a project I started two years ago. I am not sure what to do with this one. Probably finish it, because the mohair yarn makes it impossible to rip apart. I think I finished the body on this, but still need to knit the arms. Why I did not finish it two year ago? I really don`t know.


Hello there, beautiful scarf. This one is actually not that old. It is a quite recent edition and is called Hugs and Kisses by Susan Crawford. I started this project in October, only five month ago. It was my traveling project. But I put it down when Christmas drew near, and I was busy knitting christmas gifts. And for no reason at all I just have not finished it. And now spring is here , and the cold weather (my motivation) is gone. I think this one has to wait for autumn.

Well there you have it, some of my shame. I guess most knitters have some projects they barely admits to have tucked away in a bag deep inside some closet. Maybe, if you just take some time to look at it again, you realize it is not as bad as you remembered. It is an amazing feeling when you finish that garment. Like a weight has lifted from your shoulders. But on the other hand, there is no shame in just giving up. The yarn can be used for something else. Something you will be more happy about, more proud about, something you will wear more often. Don’t leave the yarn wasting away in the closet. But on occasion, when you have a extremely frustrating knitting project, you are allowed to toss it in the trash. Knitting is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Don’t shed tears over frustrating projects!

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