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Blue wave

March 23, 2014 by sigrid

Skjerf_bluewave   This is my new design, the “Blue Wave”.  It is a easy to knit scarf, perfect as a first-time cable project. If you choose to make this pattern, I will recommend making the cables with the help of a cable needle. I tried knitting the cables  without a cable needle ,which is absolutely possible because of the thick yarn used in this project, but is not recommended when you are knitting cables with a high amount of stitches. The scarf is knitted in Garnstudio Drops Andes on 9 mm / 13 US needles. After I bought the yarn, which is a wool/alpaca blend, I wanted to make something cozy. And then the idea of a big, warm scarf came to my mind. Even though this winter has not been as cold or long as the norwegian winter usually are, I somehow can not get enough big scarfs during the winter months. I have always been fond of cables, and is amazed of the diversity in patterns that can be made from this technique. Everything from big  fat cables, as in this scarf, to thin branches spiraling or dancing up your knitting. As you can imagine, I am a big fan of Cookie a and her sock designs. If you are not familiar with cable knitting, you will find a good introduction to knitting cables with a cable needle here. But mostly I find it easier and faster to omit the extra needle when knitting a cable design. The exception being, as mentioned earlier, when the cables consist of a big amount of stitches.

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